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Our management group is composed of professionals with over 20 years of experience in the financial market, specifically in the foreign exchange and foreign trade areas.

We noticed a major difficulty with the Brazilian foreign exchange bureaucracy, which caused a lack of confidence and distress, besides the financial loss. That was when we decided to gather a multidisciplinary team, including expert professionals from the exchange market with a great experience in foreign capital and we developed an innovative agile consulting format, simplifying the documents and information flow along with the financial institutions and the regulatory bodies, reaching efficiency and compliance with the regulations and laws in force.

Since 2004 we have ensured a solid experience for our Clients in the management of Foreign Exchange Operations and Foreign Capital Registrations, with excellence in quick and personalized service, offering greater comfort, through several service channels, always following the current technological trends.

Our professionals, always engaged and committed to our Clients goals, seek to understand the exchange operation needs, always looking for the correct framework, following good practices within the standards and laws in force. Always providing greater agility and security, which are fundamental in the current market.

We understand the importance of alliances, so we seek to structure our relationships in way which strengthens them through a diverse range of services. Moreover we are registered with the Central Bank of Brazil and are allowed to act as a Foreign Exchange Correspondent, bringing a proposal to add more and more benefits, providing satisfaction and comfort to our clients.

Come be part of our history, it will be a pleasure assisting you.

The services provided by InOut ensures greater security assertiveness in our clients resources management, our clients can count on personalized advice and assisting.

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Processing consulting and Operations along with the Central Bank of Brazil.

Our consulting team is composed of specialists in the systems of the Central Bank of Brazil with in-depth knowledge to assist you from scratch, the registrations for new contributions for Foreign Capital in Brazil as well as in the subsequent data updates and compulsory regularizations, presenting greater agility and security, always committed to our Clients deadlines.

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