Processing consulting and Operations along with the Central Bank of Brazil.

Our consulting team is composed of specialists in the systems of the Central Bank of Brazil with in-depth knowledge to assist you from scratch, the registrations for new contributions for Foreign Capital in Brazil as well as in the subsequent data updates and compulsory regularizations, presenting greater agility and security, always committed to our Clients deadlines.

Declaratory registration for
Non-Resident/ RDE, CNDR

Declaratory Registration is the first step for new registration processes.

○ Foreign Investors and Creditors
○ CNPJ Registration of Non-Resident in Brazi

Foreign Direct
Investment/ RDE, IED

The Registry of Foreign Direct Investment (RDE-IED) is related to corporate interest transactions involving foreign capital in Brazilian companies, such as:


○ Foreign shareholder capital injection

○ Acquisition and sale of company quotas

○ Foreign Capital transfer and return

Register of Financial
Operations/ RDE, ROF

The Financial Operations records are related to foreign credit granted to individuals or legal entities resident in Brazil, as well as those related to operational leasing services.

○ Foreign Direct Loan

○ Long-term import and export

○ Long-term Machinery and Equipment Rental/Leasing

○ Royalties and Technical and Operational Services

Statement and

○ Corporate Chart and Shareholders Net Equity Updating
○ Financial Economic Statement
○ Annual Balance Sheet or Accounting Statements
○ Brazilian Capitals Abroad/ CBE
○ Mandatory Records Pending Regularisation Withdrawal

Prominences and Differentials

The differentials of InOut Consulting

Endowed with values such as integrity, security and transparency, InOut’s main goal is to give a complete service in consulting and advisory services, aiming at fulfilling customer’s diverse needs, based on the rules and standards established by the Brazilian authorities.

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